pling, little thing*

Theater o.N.

Photo: Till Budde
Age: 2+  |  Duration: 45 mins (incl. 15 min play time)  |  Non-verbal


Asato Church B <N5>

(3-1) Mon 24 July 15:00
(3-2) Tue 25 July 13:00
(3-3) Wed 26 July 13:00

voices, shadows, stone...on this earth at home
musical performance for ages 2 and up

Are stones our silent companions? How can they be transformed into playfellows, building materials and musical instruments by our imagination?

Three people meet in a stone landscape. Each of them discovers it on their own. One sees the arrangement within the apparent chaos, the other hears the sound of the stones, Careful at first and all wrapped up they are entering into a game with one another. A game of fascinating ideas and sounds; moving from chance to idea, from idea to a concept taking shape.

A small musical kingdom of stone tells about ageless matter, its rules and the human freedom of play.

After the performance the children are invited to find their own ways and make them resound.

Host: ACO Okinawa
Support: The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2017



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