One Morning I Left

Teatro de Ocasión

one morning i left
Photo: Sebastian Cerpa

Japan Premiere

Age: 4+  |  Duration: 35 mins  |  Non-verbal


Welfare Center <N3>

(8-1) Tue 25 July 13:00
(8-2) Wed 26 July 11:00
(8-3) Wed 26 July 19:00


Garaman Hall Stage <G2>

(8-4) Fri 28 July 13:00
(8-5) Sat 29 July 13:00

"One Morning I Left..." an intimate and captivating show

Ana decides to travel and to get it is helped by Gaspar and accompanied by Oliver.

In her trip she discovers what inhabits in nature; the sun, the flowers, butterflies and several places.

We see Ana milking a cow in the countryside, flying on a big bird over the desert, diving among bubbles and exploring the jungle.

Cloths, buckets, funnels and ropes support this trip, giving like magically.

Music, sound and live songs - guitar, clarinet, percussion instruments and effects - are the text of the play.

This conjunction of elements makes "One Morning I Left..." an intimate and captivating show.

Photo: Lori Zarricueta
Host: ACO Okinawa
Support: The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2017



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