Sticks Stones
Broken Bones

Bunk Puppets

Age: 4+  |  Duration: 55 mins  |  Non-verbal


Museum Auditorium <N1>

(9-1) Fri 28 July 13:00
(9-2) Fri 28 July 15:00
(9-3) Fri 28 July 19:00
(9-4) Sat 29 July 11:00
(9-5) Sat 29 July 13:00


Garaman Hall <G1>

(9-6) Sun 30 July 13:00
(9-7) Sun 30 July 15:00

Bunk Puppets create hilarious shadow puppet stories
using simple household items

Flying chikens, brain transplants and sneaky ninjas!

Watch as household junk is transformed into surreal shadow puppets.

In each scene, the audience watches the transformation of household junk into hilarious live cartoons.

A feast for the imagination!

Come play in the dark.

Photos: Andrew Wuttke
Host: ACO Okinawa
Support: The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2017



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