Paolo Nani Teater

Photo: Søren Meisner

Denmark Focus  |  Japan premiere

Age: 5+  |  Duration: 50 mins  |  Non-verbal

*There was a mistake on the festival brochure about the duration.
On the brochure it is 40 mins, however the correct duration is 50 mins.
We apologise for the confusion.


Welfare Center <N3>

(12-1) Fri 28 July 15:00
(12-2) Fri 28 July 17:00
(12-3) Sat 29 July 15:00
(12-4) Sat 29 July 17:00
(12-5) Sun 30 July 15:00

Nani brings the comedy genre to the next level, and makes the word "clown" to become a compliment.

Paolo Nani's funny, round, lovable figure, Jekyll, is an ice cream salesman, with his very own way of doing business. Maybe the ice cream melts,  maybe the air leaks out of the balloons before the audience has time to enjoy them - however, they are guaranteed both sueprises and laughter.

Paolo Nani brings a fully equipped ice cream cart with powerful loudspeakers, a smoke machine and a freezer. The cart also includes an air pump that can shoot 2,000 liters of air per minute. During the performance, a dramatic escalation ensures featuring one more absurd scene after another.

The heart of the story is the playful way in which Paolo Nani interacts with the audience anf creates magic in this meeting.

Photo: Søren Damving
Host: ACO Okinawa
Support: The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2017



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