Three Little Songs

ACO Okinawa

three little songs
Image: Jiro Iha

World Premiere

Age: 6+  |  Duration: 50 mins  |  In Japanese (no subtitles)


Himeyuri Peace Hall <N10>

(16-1) Mon 24 July 19:00
(16-2) Tue 25 July 11:00
(16-3) Tue 25 July 19:00
(16-4) Wed 26 July 13:00
(16-5) Wed 26 July 17:00

Growing up is no fairy tale

At the heart of every great fairy take are emotions we wrestle with all our lives. The fear of the unknown, the desire to be loved or the sadness of being alone. Everyone wants to be rescued. Everyone wants to be a hero. Sometimes the most extraordinary stories are found with the people we walk past every day.

Three Little Songs takes classic stories and transplants them to a modern world. Using musuc, mime and a little magic this show looks at the monsters, heroes and villains we fight with every day.

Host: ACO Okinawa
Support: Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2017



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