Possessed by Love

ACO Okinawa

possessed by love
Age: 9+  |  Duration: 60 mins  |  Non-verbal


Museum Auditorium <N1>

(18-1) Sat 29 July 19:00
(18-2) Sun 30 July 13:00
(18-3) Sun 30 July 15:00

Longing to see you

Wakamatsu Nakagusuku is a hardworking intelligent young man. While he was travelling to Shuri Castle for his service, the sun sets and he gets lost in the forest. Luckily he finds a house and asks the lady of the house for a night stay. The lady falls in love with Wakamatsu at once and eventually they love each other. However Wakamatsu is determined to make his way and leaves the house.

The lady follows him and with her obsessiveness she turns into a snake. Finally the frenzy of love makes her kill Wakamatsu hiding in the bell and herself as well.

The lady's soul stays around and when the temple rebuilds the bell she possesses the bell as a monster. The monks who guard the bell finally send her soul to the afterworld.

The beautiful last scene describes the two reunite in the afterlife.

Host: ACO Okinawa
Support: Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2017



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