Children of the Ocean

ACO Okinawa

children of the ocean
Age: 9+  |  Duration: 95 mins  |  Non-verbal

*The duration has been changed from 60 minutes to 95 minutes.


Tenbusu Naha Hall <N11>

(20-1) Sat 29 July 15:00
(20-2) Sat 29 July 19:00
(20-3) Sun 30 July 17:00

A wistful and funny fantasy by Wishing Chong, a hit-maker in theatre and film whose works spread from advocacy to entertainment

In that summer, we became adults.

This wordless fantasy is a requiem for children who lost their lives during the war, and also a cheer to children who live now and those who used to be children.

Our journey started just as always, but something was different in that morning. We had a quarrel about a tiny thing. We saw many nightmares. When you realise, you are in a middle of a war. We became ghosts. And we became adults.

Just like that day the stars are twinkling.

Illustration: Jiro Iha / Photos: Lim, Young-hwan
Host: ACO Okinawa
Support: Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2017



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