Les Misérables

ACO Okinawa

les miserables
Age: 9+  |  Duration: 70 mins  |  In Japanese (no subtitles)


Welfare Center <N3>

(21-1) Thu 27 July 17:00

People's aspiration and wishes plead to us across time
Unmissable masterpiece - Les Misérables

This ambitious production which tells the story of Victor Hugo's masterpiece Les Misérables as an object theatre with only 2 actors was created for ricca ricca*festa 2016 and made a great success.

It come back only for one performance!

A renowned Italian director Davide Doro (compagnia RODISIO) portrayed the aspiration, love and lives of nameless people who never give up living and fight against power and society.

The vivid images of people in Les Misérables are drawn out with universality and modern-day relevance, and would strongly appeal to the heart of audiences living in today's world.

Host: ACO Okinawa



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