-I'm Ghost?!?! School Trip-

Japan Union of Theatrical Companies
for Children and Young People



Age: 10+  |  Duration: 75 mins  |  In Japanese (with English subtitles)


Museum Lecture Room <N2>

(22-1) Wed 26 July 19:00
(22-2) Thu 27 July 11:00

Created with teenagers for teenagers

For 14 year old Karen, school trip is always a pain because you have to be with the group all the time. She does not get along with Airi who is in the same group and listening to the tour guide is boring.

However, during the trip something happens to Karen and she faints. When she wakes up she has become a completely different person...a ghost possessed her?! The ghost uses Karen's body to run, sing and eat sweets and becomes such a good friend with Airi.

Unlike Karen, the ghost is loving the school trip, but who is this ghost? One night when Karen's mind deeply sinks, the ghost's memories come back.

This production was made with teenagers by looking into 'what kind of theatre do the current teenagers want to see?'

Host: Japan Union of Theatrical Companies for Children and Young People
Support: The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2017



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