Asian TYA Network Programme

Recently the interest and recognition in TYA (Theatre for Young Audiences) have been growing more and more in many regions in Asia. More arts organisations start activities for children and young people and several new TYA festivals are launching.

Especially in the regions where the economics have been developing rapidly, the role of TYA is anticipated in order for children to nurture sensibilities and creativity even in a tough society, and this kind of movements can be seen already. However the idea of TYA is not established in many communities and cooperation and support between artists and professionals are needed in order to spread quality TYA activities with broader perspectives. On the other hand, in the regions where TYA is widely recognised and people have opportunities to see various TYA works from all over the world at festivals, the theme of ‘TYA of Asia’ is often discussed and more people are interested in collaboration  and creative exchange with other Asian regions.

In 2016, ricca ricca*festa launched Asian TYA Network programme to connect with more TYA professionals from Asia, especially South East Asian regions. Last year 17 professionals were invited to the festival to discuss about the current situation and issues of TYA in the regions and to meet other festival participants. After the festival, the festival organised research visits to Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia to meet more professionals and think about the TYA in Asia.

In 2017, the festival organises various creative discussions with TYA professionals from Asia and TYA artists and professionals taking part in ricca ricca*festa from around the world. This programme aims to look into the diversity and meaning of TYA and discuss what kind of TYA is needed in Asia. The main activity is going to be the group discussion between the programme participants and festival artists, but several open events invite everyone who are interested in this topic to take part in the discussion and networking.

Asian TYA Network Programme Website

Asian TYA Network Presentations

Tue 25 July 10:00-12:00
Naha Greenery Center
[ Free Admission ]

Language: English (Whispering interpreter in Japanese available)

Asian TYA Network participants will present about their activities. It is a rare opportunity to understand about TYA situation in South East Asia.

Asian TYA Network Closing


Sat 29 July 20:30-
Naha Greenery Center
[ Free Admission ]

Language: English (Whispering interpreter in Japanese available)

Asian TYA Network invites you to join their wrap-up of the festival. Everyone is welcome to share the festival experiences and discuss what we as TYA professionals should do for children in Asia.

Host: ACO Okinawa  |  Co-host: The Japan Foundation Asia Center




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