Danish Quality Paper

This lecture explores the creative core of Danish theatre for children and young people

This lecture focuses on what the industry of theatre for children and young people in Japan have not had enough; dialogue about the 'quality of creation' between creators. There are something we can discover by seeing each other's work and have a dialogue about it in order to improve the quality of the work.

Based on the principle of 'Quality Paper', which supports the creation of theatre for children and young people in Denmark, this lecture will take the format of dialogue between the creator, lecturer and audience and talk about how the intention of the work is related to the artistic expression.

This lecture assumes that all participants have already seen the work in discussion.

THEME: How to Brush up the Performance

COORDINATOR: Noriko Matsumoto

Thu 27 July 10:00-12:00 - on Three Little Songs
Fri 28 July 14:30-16:30 - on Chanpuru -I'm Ghost?!?! School Trip-
@ Himeyuri Peace Hall

In Japanese with Simultaneous interpretation in English


Henrik Køhler

Peter Manscher

Host: Agency for Cultural Affairs / Japan Union of Theatrical Companies for Children and Young People
Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2017



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