World TYA Creation Series

This programme invites 2 renowned directors from the UK to run a 2 week workshop with Japanese and Asian performers. Assuming to create a production which can be performed anywhere in the world, each workshop will focus on 2 different approaches. Through the workshop the participants learn the creative process of the director also share their own creative approaches. At the end of the workshop each group will present a short performance and share their experiences and background of the performance they made.

Workshop Performance Presentation

Sun 30 July 10:00-12:30 @ Himeyuri Peace Hall

Admission Free

The two groups will present a small performance to summarise the 2 week workshop.
After the performances the directors, performers and audiences will have a discussion.

Workshop by Gill Robertson:
Non-verbal Performance for Younger Children

Gill Robertson (Scotland)

Gill founded Catherine Wheels Theatre Company in 1999. The company has since then created 27 productions for children and young people, winning audiences and awards across the world. Gill has directed many productions for the company including Martha, which has performed to audiences of over 100,000 across four continents; Lifeboat, the first Scottish theatre production to appear at the Sydney Opera House and White, the Company’s most well-travelled production which has performed to children in Europe, America, Asia and Australia; and most recently the award-winning The Voice Thief.  

Robert Alan Evans (England)

Robert Alan Evans is a writer, director and devisor working across the UK. He has written extensively for young people including The Voice Thief (winner of CATS 2015 Award) for Catherine Wheels Theatre Company. He has also worked as director and co-creator on the dance pieces Tiger, Tiger Tale, which was invited to ricca ricca*festa in 2015. 

Workshop by Alex Byrne:
Multilingual Performance for Older Children

Alex Byrne (England)

Alex is Co-Artistic Director of New International Encounter (NIE), the company that he founded in 2001. New International Encounter produces national and international touring theatre for young people and adults. Alex’s work for New International Encounter has been invited to appear at young audience festivals all over the world and won prizes at numerous international festivals.

Supported by
the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan
in the fiscal year 2017

Partner Organisations:
Imaginate (Scotland) / Catherine Wheels Theatre Company (Scotland) / New International Encounters (NIE) (England)



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